“The Tooth Movement offers a great hands on weekend course in Seattle that teaches all about the different 3D printers available, digital workflows and various software programs for staging in house aligners, doing indirect bonding, fabricating retainers, etc. I just took the course last weekend and now I feel ready to start putting my new printer to work. I highly recommend it for doctors and staff.”

-Dr. Greg Scott

“Look up Dr. Riolo in Seattle and take his course. There are many many moving pieces to cost effective in-house aligner production. He has several printers in house and you can see them, use them, and print on them.”

-Dr. Michael Palasz

“Overall, I feel that your program was the best I’ve ever attended. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about 3D printing and came out feeling confidant that I can now incorporate it in my practice. There was plenty of information on the various ways 3D printing can be used in orthodontics and how to select the hardware and software to make it all work. I also was pleased to learn how to incorporate it into the office workflow and all about marketing the products. It was definitely worth the flight from Philly.”

-Dr. John McIntyre

“As a recent grad, it was incredibly valuable to get some exposure to more modern techniques that I didn’t experience in residency. I appreciated the practical recommendations for inexpensive methods to get some experience. I look forward to utilizing the knowledge you all provided to start exploring 3D printing!”

-Dr. Jonathan Yih